The BLINDER HP 905 ULTRA is a newly developed Laser defense system, which offers you optimal protection at all times. The new sensor is amongst the smallest in the market, and with the new mounting bracket you will be able to perform very discrete installation. The performance of the system, once again sets a new standard in the business. With the connection to the BLINDER App via your smartphone, you will always have maximum protection while driving.

The BLINDER App provides you with audio and visual alert, so you will always be informed if there is speed measures ahead.

2 HEAD KIT 799$

This kit will give full front protection for smaller cars and consist of:

1 Control module
1 Bluetooth module
2 Transciever units (Combined detector/jammer)
1 HW accessory kit


1 Transciever (Combined detector/jammer) unit to be added for larger type of vehicles e.g. midsize, large and Süv’s.


1 Transmitter (Jammer )unit to be added for larger vehicles. This unit is a must to be able to perform against Dragon Eye laserguns, so mandatory in all countries using Dragon Eye.